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2nd Jun 2022

The Keep Cool Show: Season 2 Trailer

Climate tech is constantly evolving. As the urgency to tackle the climate crisis grows, so does the number of exciting companies offering cutting-edge solutions. 

It can be hard to keep up with trends and harder still to link them to the bigger picture of climate and the climate technology landscape.

I’m your host Nick Van Osdol. And on the Keep Cool Show, you get a front row seat to discussions with founders who are solving climate problems. I’ll also do my best to make connections back to other emerging technologies to arrive at a fuller industry perspective.

Every episode, I’ll take a deep dive into a startup’s new technology, getting into what problems they’re solving, and what makes them unique in the space.

Then we’ll get to know the person behind the headlines, digging into the nuances of their business as well as from where they take inspiration.

If you’re a climate tech investor, work in the industry, or just want to know what’s coming around the corner, this is the show with the answers. 

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The Keep Cool Podcast
Where climate tech investors get deep dives into the latest cutting edge technology and discover how it fits into the broader landscape.
Climate tech is constantly evolving. Why? To help solve the most important challenges facing our planet. With so much innovation it’s hard to pick out the companies to watch, and it’s even harder to connect them to the wider climate tech picture. That’s why The Keep Cool Show is here. Join host Nick Van Osdol as he dives deep into the latest technologies shaping climate solution technology, but also zooms out to help investors and anyone working in the industry join the dots and get a broader view of what’s really going on. Every week Nick is joined by a climate tech founder, investor or operator, discussing how they’re working to solve climate change. He’ll join the dots in real time, bringing out the nuances, trends and patterns in the industry. If you’re a climate tech professional already working in the industry, looking for the next big opportunity or simply curious about the space, this is the show for you. Episodes every other Thursday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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