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9th Nov 2023

S7 Ep3: Pioneering Climate-Positive Lending, with Ravi Mikkelson of Atmos

Discover how Atmos, a climate tech company that looks like a bank, is revolutionizing fintech infrastructure to make climate-positive lending solutions available to consumers (and banks!) across the world. 

Ravi Mikkelson, CEO of Atmos, joins the ‘Keep Cool Show’ to discuss his mission of making the transition to clean energy affordable and accessible for everyone. Learn about Atmos’ innovative financing solutions, the challenges they’ve faced in building what is both a climate tech and fintech company, and their vision for a more sustainable future.

Plus, who are Atmos’ main competitors? And what, exactly, do they hope to accomplish by 2030? 

Tune in to this episode for an inspiring conversation on climate-positive banking and the power of sustainable solutions.


00:00:18 - Atmos: The Climate Tech Bank

00:01:37 - Using Bank Mortgages to Finance Solar: A Climate Solution

00:10:27 - Exploring the Intelligence of Atmos

00:15:38 - New Bank Aims to Change the World

00:24:56 - Solving Technical Challenges in BaaS

00:29:10 - Improving Measurement and Verification Methods

00:31:38 - How to Decide on Funding Solutions for Business Growth

00:36:38 - Climate Positive Banking Solutions

00:44:05 - Revolutionizing Transportation by 2030


Learn More About Atmos: 

Website: https://www.joinatmos.com


Follow Ravi: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravimikkelsen/


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